Central House Movers

Our people

Meet the faces that manage Central House Movers to gaurantee the best service everyday

Knowing you are dealing with the team that has a huge depth of experience is a service that not all competing companies can offer.

Central House Movers work with clients both big and small across the lower and central North Island.
The team has moved, relocated and piled more buildings than you can shake a stick at, and can talk about trucks until the cows come home.
Most importantly, we’ve become trusted advisors & problem solvers to our clients.
We are motivated professionals with a combined total of over 120 years experience in the building removal industry.
Founded in 1991 by Mike with Aaron and Matt becoming co-owners in 2005. All three owners remain active in the everyday running of the business.
Every team member is proud of their professionalism and quality of the workmanship delivered.

Mike O'Byrne

Director and Manager

Mike originates from the ‘Naki’ and was born and raised on a family farm learning hard work from the moment he could walk.
Mike is the founder of Central House Movers and is known throughout the industry for his 24/7 approach to running his Company.
Mike’s lifelong passion is machinery, and is known to spend most weekends working on one of his many diggers around the countryside.
His house moving and earthworks knowledge is seriously next to none.
Mike works closely with our clients from the initial site visit, through to its completion.

Mobile: 0274 426992
Email: mike@chmnz.nz


Director and Foreman
Aaron hails from the great ‘naki’ and has been involved with Central House Movers since he was 10 years old. Aaron relocated to the Manawatu in 2000 with Central House Movers .

Aaron has since became a co-owner of Central House Movers and is heavily involved in all aspects of the business. When Aaron is awake he is the forman of his gang and when he is asleep he is dreaming about the next big move.
He has been towing buildings around the North Island  for the last 22 years.
Mobile: 0274 985444
Email: aaron@chmnz.nz


Director and Foreman
Matt is the younger brother of Aaron and been involved with Central House Movers since a young age and also become a co-owner in 2005.
Matt also relocated to the Manawatu in 2000.
Matt is foreman of his gang and a truck driver.
Matt has a real passion for the modern technology and is has a massive input in the technical development of the machinery, trailers and trucks.
Mobile: 027 4774 481
Email: matt@chmnz.nz