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Lyall Bay Two Story - Ruins To Riches

When the opportunity is given for us to help breathe new life into a grand old house or building,
we will usually be the first ones with our hands up to give it a go -This time was no different.

Wow what a great move. We have



JULY 2015


8 hours

no. loads:

x2 Trucks


9m x 20m



The main ingredient required to make this happen is to find the perfect new owners that would give this rough diamond the attention and time they deserve.

This two story house which was situated in Lyall Bay, Wellington (see map) and was needing to be demolished or removed to make the way for a new build.

The house was transported to our Bulls yard for onselling where it remained a feature for many years and stood tall at the front of the yard entrance.

It suffered from the remains of a bad 1980’s hangover.

The house had the exterior painted whilst at the yard, however, the interior had the remains of the bad 1980’s hangover – (rainbow colour was everywhere!) so we left that knowing that when the right people came along they could look past that, and appreciate the house for what it is.

Three years of it being unowned, Julie and Merv visited the yard and instantly fell in love it and it quickly found a new owner.
Shortly after council the red-tape, the house was transported in two pieces to their site in Greytown where it was piled and the top story was craned into the best-ever position for it.

It truly didn’t take long for Julie and Merv to transform that nightmare of 1980’s decor to make a wild and warm transformation.

We could not believe the true raw talent and dedication that Julie and Merv have shown in their renovation.

We can only commend and thank them for their amazing efforts – thanks for letting Central House Movers be involved.