Central House Movers

We thought this was going to be interesting…

When we were given the project by Profab to move a ‘The Guru’ from their landlocked yard in Palmerston North to Foxton Beach.
We are always in for a challenge and as it turns out a great calendar picture!.


JAN 2014


7 hours

no. loads:

x2 Trucks


11m x24m


91 Tonne

It was a very rewarding and technical first move to start the 2014 year.
The Guru measuring a whopping 24m (long) x 11m (wide) x 11m (height) at the time was larger than any other boat we had transported.
Guru needed to be moved in two massive pieces (the hull and top deck) and while it presented some unique challenges with regards due to the hugely unbalanced weight and to how actually position the loads on our trailers.
We commissioned a fifth axle clip-on to be designed and built by MTE to allow us to transport such a large hull, and to help with lifting this big hunk of boat safely while on the move.
The shift night was a long night for all involved, as the boat crept through the streets of Palmerston North and Foxton. It would be fair to say there was a sense off relief and accomplishment by the team when they could see the early morning light gleaming from off the ocean.
Once at the Foxton boat ramp, the hull was unloaded with the top deck craned into position and welded together. A few weeks Guru was then craned into the water as a-one-piece.
The catamaran was launched on the 30th January 2014 from the Foxton Beach river mouth.
The Guru was seen heading towards Australia for transportation of staff and equipment to offshore oil/gas rigs.
Little did we know, this was going to be the start of many more successful and larger boat moves.


Without the expertise Central Housemovers provided in this project, we would have a had Guru in Palmerston North and not in the water

Profab, Owner, Profab